StoryPoint | StoryPoint – A New Way to Share Your Experiences + Contest!
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StoryPoint – A New Way to Share Your Experiences + Contest!

StoryPoint – A New Way to Share Your Experiences + Contest!

StoryPoint is a new mobile application that helps you to create and share stories about your memories and life events. Create your stories with text, voice, pictures and GPS to provide a rich way to share your experiences with others.

  • Create a beautiful view of your story automatically
  • Control who you share it with
  • Add your story to our StoryPoint Community

StoryPoint is FREE – Download Today!

StoryPoint Contest! $200 Giveaway

We are just getting started, and as such, we want to start a collection of stories to be part of our Community. We are paying $200 for the top submissions of stories to our community.

All you need to do to take part is to download StoryPoint (Apple iOS or Android) and submit a story to our Community.

The more creative you are, the bigger chance you’ll have to win!




So, what is a story?

We want people to share their experiences, life events, culture, etc. in the same way people have passed stories down from generation to generation. We feel that a “story” of your experiences provides the reader with a much more immersive presentation.

For example, stories with StoryPoint are built on a narrative, photos, voice notes, and gps coordinates which help guide the reader through your experience, JUST AS YOU DID!

Take this story for example. A day trip to a Japanese Gardens turns into a lovely story that helps put the reader in your shoes. We feel this is much more powerful than posting random photos on Facebook or Instagram. It tells the FULL Story!

How is this different from Facebook and Instagram?

We wanted to encapsulate the entire experience into an organized collection of photos, voice memos, and maps and make it easy for you to share with whomever you want.


You share your story with whomever you choose. You don’t have to worry about Facebook’s crazy privacy settings – you are in full control.

You can also keep your story private, much like a diary, and can decide when (and if) you want to share in the future.

StoryPoint also creates a beautiful representation of your story. You don’t need to be an expert in web design, we do it all for you automatically!

Here are some examples of stories that our community has created!


What’s the StoryPoint Community?

For those that wish to create a story and share with everyone, we have a feature called the StoryPoint Community where we are collecting stories from the general public and putting them together in a “Story Book” of sorts.

It’s easy – after you create the story, there will be an option for you to decide whether it should be part of the community or not.

Why not give StoryPoint a try? It’s completely free!

StoryPoint for iOS

StoryPoint for Android

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