StoryPoint | Summer is Upon Us – Share Your Story!
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Summer is Upon Us – Share Your Story!

Summer is Upon Us – Share Your Story!

Hello Friends!

Summer is in full swing and we would love you to share your experiences with our StoryPoint Community (or keep it private if you prefer!).

StoryPoint is a new app that guides you through creating a “story”, which is a representation of your experiences with photos, gps locations and voice notes. It’s basically an awesome way to document and share your life events.

Some of StoryPoint’s Features

  • Add photos, voice notes, gps coordinates and text in the form of a “story”.
  • StoryPoint will automatically create a beautiful representation of your story.
  • Join our community and view stories shared by other members.
  • Oh, and it’s completely FREE – no limitations.


For Example, you could create a story about:

  • Trip to the Beach with your friends (Cancun maybe?)
  • Attending a concert with your favorite musician
  • Floating the river in Texas
  • Hiking / Camping Trips
  • Taking the Jeep out for a spin
  • Trip to Europe with your friends and family
  • The list goes on and on – We’d love to see what you can come up with!


Still not sure what story to post? Check these out:


The Best Part!

We are giving away $200 in PayPal Deposits for the best stories that are written between now and theĀ end of August.

All you have to do is download our app, create a story, and publish it. You will automatically be entered!



StoryPoint is FREE
Download Today!

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